The Difference Between Technical and Management Skills

Difference between Skills for Technical and Management Resume

Resumes represent your skills, traits and specialized qualities. It gives the information about your past academic credentials and employment details. Every job seeking individual must have a resume before applying for job. The resumes send by the applicants are analyzed by the hiring recruiters and short listed for the further process. For your resume to get short listed for the further process, it must be written in well-organized format. The skills section in resume plays a crucial role in getting your resume stand out. The below article shows the difference between skills for technical and management resume.

How Technical Skills Differ From Management Skills?Although every section in resume is equally important, the skill section has special importance in getting you job. The skills section in resume represents your specialized skills that you may have acquired during your previous employments or already possessed by you. These skills may be the soft skills required to out-set your personality from rest of the crowd or it may be the technical skills possessed by you. The technical skill is the knowledge of the technology. These skills differ with the differing working fields. Apart from the soft skills and technical skills, management skills are also essential components of the resume, especially, management resumes. The management skills are not required for every resume. It is required in managerial level resumes. However, writing these skills in resume would prove as additional plus point for you.

The technical skill is the knowledge of the technology. This technology can be the knowledge of the any hardware or software or some instrument depending upon the work environment of the person.
To get acquainted with the technology you need to undergo some training program or some additional certification. It is not necessary to attend the trainings or undergo extra certification to acquire the management skills.
The technical skills in resume changes from field to field. For example, for an IT engineer's resume the technical skills will include the knowledge of the different versions of operating systems, programming language softwares and some job related softwares, whereas, in the resume of the mechanical engineer, the technical skills may include the list of designing softwares like AutoCAD, etc. and some job relevant softwares.

The management skills are the skills required for proper management of the people. Listing of this skill is needed in the managerial level resumes. People management is the important skill necessary for any manager. Hence, mentioning this management skill in resume will surely pop-out his management qualities.
The management skills also include leadership qualities. This skill shows your capability of leading a team and performing the work successfully. No matter whether it is a business management or project management skills, both are incomplete without listing the leadership skill. It is must for all managerial level resume. A leader is the person who guides, motivates and leads his team members and provides them with right resources to achieve the goals.

The technical skills and management skills both are important in technical and management resumes respectively. The above article on difference between skills for technical and management resume lists some differences between the two skills. However, listing of both skills is equally important in the respective resumes.


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